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strong tradition

With 2 decades of tradition and steered by a managemen of seasoned professionals in the industry, MARUTHI PVC Pipes continues its remarkable journey of excellence.

impeccable quality

Keeping a strong eye on attention to details and quality assurance, we manufacture top-notch products for the niche markets in India and abroad.

product diversity

From uPVC Column Pipes and Borewell Casing Pipes, we bring a wide range of products to meet customer", requirements.

flawless material

MARUTHI PIPES focus on the procurement of materials that bound to reinstate the promise of world-class products to ensure durability and reliability.

dedicated workforce

MARUTHI PVC Pipes takes pride in having a team of dedicated professionals to elevate the brand equity with their impeccable service.

innovative r & d labs

We are bound to deliver innovative products and to enhance the quality of products; we rely on our expert R & D professionals to embrace innovation in the product range.

Global Presence

Widening the horizons of business prospects and to assure global quality, we leave an indelible presence in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and the Far East.

Social Commitment

We are socially responsible in maintaining a sustainable eco-system with our products that are lead-free and that leave less carbon-print.