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PVC Borewell Casing Pipes

In the existing ecological system, aggressive ground water contains acid base, salt and chemicals. It is strong enough to corrode even metal pipes rapidly, and over a period of time, it leads to affect the earth with serious consequences. MARUTHI pipes strive to overlook this hazard with an innovative range of uPVC column pipes designed with two Special Locking Systems called, SLS Locking System and Fit Lock System.

Both these locking systems are designed to withstand and overcome the difficulties faced by general pipes available in the market. They are lightweight, easy to use, energy saving and corrosion resistant.


  • Innovative SLS Locking System for pipes of dia up to 1.5"
  • Innovative SS Spring steel based FITLOCK locking system for dia 2" & above
  • Lightweight, non-corrosive and chemical resistance
  • High impact strength & High tensile strength
  • High hydrostatic pressure rating
  • Powerful grip between threading
  • Leak-proof joints
  • Specially designed rubber profiles to absorb the impulse of energy
  • Easy fitment, re-fitment of pipe to pipe
  • Energy efficient pipes with longer durability

Maruthi Energy Saving (ES) Column Pipes

MARUTHI PIPES has recently introduced the concept of Energy Saving in the manufacture of Column Pipes to meet the dwindling level of underground water. In the urbanized modern world, the increasing number of bore-well installations has created a severe threat to its availability, as the underground water table is going down day-by-day across the globe. This has led to reducing the Inner Diameter of the column pipes and the efficiency of submersible pumps started declining with higher consumption of power and loss of money on the other end. With an objective to conserve energy and to reduce consumer concerns, Maruthi has created the World's First Energy Saving Concept based "Maruthi ES Column Pipes" with incremental ID's to save more energy and money.

Unlike the other Column Pipes, ES pipes can yield 20% more water with the same submersible pumps. This key advantage of ES pipes will enable the consumerto Save 73 Days EB Bill in a year.