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uPVC ASTM Plumbing Pipes

MARUTHI manufactures yet another range of uPVC Plumbing pipes adhering to ASTM standards. These pipes are endowed with a host of benefits, including durability, corrosive resistance, affordability, maintenance-free, fire retardant and easy to install. These pipes are available in 6 metres per length in ivory white colour.


  • Made from uPVC ASTM plumbing pipes are available in Ivory White colour
  • Pipe made as per ASTM-D-1785
  • Sizes vary from 21 mm to 115 mm & in schedule 40 & 80
  • Properties remain unchanged up to temperature 60°C in continuous and 90°C for short timeh
  • Tested for potable and drinking water supply
  • Remains unaffected to rust, corrosion and chemical reaction (up to certain extent)


  • Potable water service
  • Industrial/Chemical
  • Power station screening pipeline & power station chlorination plant
  • Sewage main-pumped & gravity fed
  • Drainage installation - Domestic & industrial and many other