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PVC Borewell Casing Pipes

At MARUTHI, we are in the pursuit of innovation to meet the growing market demands by offering an extensive array of durable uPVC Casing pipes from 140" to 280" OD that are used for various underground applications. We have been able to become the leading Plastic Casing Pipes Exporters and Suppliers with a diverse range of pipes in adherence to IS:12818-1992 standards.

corrosive & chemical resistant

  • High strength, safe & durable
  • Excellent mechanical properties, collapsible strength
  • and capable to withstand maximum hydraulic pressure which the pipes are subjected to during the construction of well
  • Special trapezoidal threading to provide powerful grip between thread ends
  • Easy installation, Easy fitment, re-fitment of pipe to pipe
  • Screen casing pipes facilitate optimum performance and safety by keeping the gravel pack & other foreign substances out of the well
  • Horizontal slots in screen casing pipe ensure higher permeability, thus saving pumping energy & higher yields

Maruthi Ribbed Screen Casing pipes

Maruthi Ribbed Screen Casing pipes are made as per IS:12818 and these ribbed pipes have longitudinal ribs and transverse slots on its surface


Granulated soils are kept away from the screen slots providing 2X Permeabilty (double) compared to the regular screen pipes

Hydraulic properties of the ribbed screen helps in uninterrupted flow of water to enter into the screen as the ribbed exterior prevents the direct contact to the screen surface

The exterior ribs contribute to increase the screen strength. The collapse resistance of ribbed screen pipes is significantly higher then regular screen pipes, the ribs increase the area of cross section of the pipes, thus providing higher axial load rating

Processes to be followed while erection

  • The Borewell should be cleaned properly after the completion of drilling of the borewell.
  • The drilled borewell to be re-checked for its correctness in the execution. It has to be in straight vertical line.
  • Pipes chosen for erection needed to be physically checked for its quality and the pre-planning of required plain and slotted pipes are to be finalized.
  • Horizontal screen pipes are the best choice which is to be purchased from the company only for its perfection.
  • Lining/Arrangement of the pipes are required as per the plan of erection that helps to avoid confusion during erection.
  • The Pipes getting erected are to be centred before lowering it to the bore-well.
  • Keep the end cap connected to the Male thread of the first pipe kept for lowering to avoid sand and then start lowering pipes as planned one after the other and complete the erection.
  • Gravel Packing between the reamed hole and pipe to be properly filled with required sizes of gravels and is to be monitored properly.

Avoid buying low cost pipes that does not guarantee reliable quality.

  • Always ensure the drilled hole is 2X of the casing pipe's OD .
  • Allow at least 35 mm gap between the split clamp and socket bottom to ensure the easy threading of Male and FPT Female threads.
  • Always lower the pipes as planned earlier. This will help in generating better water table and pumping required water to the surface.