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Enter into a world of possibilities!

Welcome to the world of PVC pipes. We are MARUTHI - Synonymous with flawless quality and reliable flow of water. Since our inception, we have been able to carve a niche in the manufacture of PVC pipes with our indelible mark of distinction in the respective field.

With adherence to global standards, we are committed to reinstate the reliability of piping solutions with the manufacture of unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes. We have always been in the pursuit of our relentless efforts to confirm the utmost customer satisfaction.

Pursuing innovation with an edge

MD'S Note

The mighty power of 'M' drives our passion towards excellence. At MARUTHI, we pursue the concept of `M' to strengthen our efforts and to widen our horizons. Man, Machine & Material becomes the perfect formulation of success for MARUTHI PIPES. With dedicated workforce, advanced technology and flawless material, MARUTHI PIPES has carved a niche in the industry and expect to continue the momentum for decades.

We are constantly in the process of product development that guarantees reliability with assured quality and innovation. As part of our relentless efforts, we have introduced `Energy Saving Concept' based Column Pipes in order to save energy and bring savings to customers without worries. We are evolving.

Our Mission

To embrace the latest technology with the strength of our committed workforce to manufacture innovative, cost-effective piping solutions, adhering to global standards and environmental sustainability.

Our Vision

To maintain Leadership by being the most diversified company in India by leaving a strong presence wherever our products mark its acceptance with quality and innovation.

K. Balaji, BBA., PGDPMIR

Managing Director

Testament of our Steadfast Commitment

Maruthi Pipes are the perfect blend of quality and durability. We have always given emphasis on the final outcome and we strive to meet the Requisite standards of different countries with our end product analysis.

Our quality lab is well-equipped to analyse the final product on various quality measures such as:

  • Formulation regress
  • Heat withstanding temperature
  • Hydrostatic burst pressure rating
  • Fracture resistance
  • Tensile Characteristics
  • Joint Leak Proof test
  • Load Carrying capacity
  • UV Race Transmitting Stability

Weighing & Batching and High Speed Mixers

At Maruthi, we have taken a step further to assure the quality of our products. Our Weighing and Mixers plays a key role in quality assurance as bonding and output depends on these base items.

The unique advantage of technical perfection in compounding enables us to ensure the uniform distribution of chemical additives and modifiers to the PVC resin, thereby resulting in the longer durability of the product while in use and also to withstand application related challenges.

Persistent. Innovative. Reliable.

MARUTHI PVC Pipes has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of PVC pipes with the expertise and experience inherited through the parent company, Sri Sapthagiri Polymers. MARUTHI has always been focused on providing innovative, cost-effective products that conform to global standards with the harmonious blend of prowess, technology and innovation.

At MARUTHI, we are in the constant and continuous process of meeting the growing demands and hence our products are manufactured under the guidance and supervision of Plastic Engineers under regular intervals to innovate and increase the sales momentum through strategic plans, backed by an efficient workforce.

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