Most ground water present in earth is aggressive and contains acid base, salt and chemicals. It corrodes even metal pipes rapidly & over a period of time, this corrosion presents significant problems.

MARUTHI has brought in an innovation in its UPVC column pipes with two Special Locking System called

  1. SLS Locking System
  2. 2. Fit Lock System

Both these locking system is designed to withstand and overcome the difficulties faced by general pipes available in the market. They are lightweight, easy-to-use, energy saving & immune to corrosion.


  • Innovative S.L.S Locking System for pipes of dia upto 1.5”
  • Innovative SS Spring steel based FITLOCK locking system for dia 2” & above
  • Light Weight
  • Non-corrosive & chemical resistant
  • High impact strength
  • High tensile strength
  • High hydrostatic pressure rating
  • Powerful grip between threading
  • Leak Proof joints
  • Specially designed rubber profiles to absorb impulse of energy.
  • Easy fitment, re-fitment of pipe to pipe.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Safe & long life