ASTM Plumbing Pipes are manufactured as per ASTM specifications. These pipes are light in weight, durable and non-corroding, economical, maintenance free, fire retardant, easy to install and reliable. These pipes are available in 6 meters per length in ivory white color. ASTM Plumbing pipes manufactured by our Company ranges from 21 mm to  140 mm O.D and in schedule 40 and 80. ASTM Plumbing pipes are also made available with both ends threaded on requirements.


Rigid PVC plumbing pipe are an unusual versatile product as it evident from the diverse applications some of which are listed below.

  • Potable water services.
  • Industrial/Chemical.
  • Power station screening pipeline & power station chlorination plant.
  • Sewage main-pumped & gravity fed.
  • Drainage installation- Domestic & industrial and many other.


Made from UPVC, ASTM plumbing pipes are available in

  • Ivory White colour.
  • Pipe made as per ASTM-D-1785.
  • Sizes vary from Ø 21 mm to Ø 114 mm and in schedule 40 & 80.
  • Properties remain unchanged up to temperature 60º C in continuous and 90º C for short time.
  • Tested for potable and drinking water supply.

Remains unaffected to rust, corrosion and chemical reaction (up to certain extent).