Through our innovative approach, we successfully meet the growing market demands by offering an extensive array of durable UPVC Casing Pipes from 113mm O.D to 280mm O.D that are used for various underground applications. Being the Plastic Casing Pipes Exporters and Suppliers, we deliver these pipes in different sizes and dimensions in accordance with the scope of IS:12818-1992.


  1. Non corrosive & chemicals resistant.
  1. High strength & safe & long life.
  1. Excellent Mechanical Properties, Collapsible strength and capable to withstand maximum hydraulic pressure which the pipes are subjected to during construction of well.
  1. Special trapezoidal threading to provide powerful grip between thread ends.
  1. Easy installation, Easy fitment, re-fitment of pipe to pipe.
  1. Screen casing pipes facilitates optimum performance and safety by keeping the gravel pack & other foreign substances out of the well.
  1. Horizontal slots in screen casing pipe ensure higher permeability thus saving pumping energy & higher yields.