We offer a series of electrical conduit pipes at prices that are sure to be competitive. Our electrical conduit pipes are applied in numerous industries. Customers have bestowed their unwavering faith in the range of our products.

Advantages :

  • Maruthi PVC Electrical Conduit Pipe has proven durable & effective for years of maintenance free performance in under-ground, encased & exposed application in accordance with the National Electrical Code.
  • Resistance to most chemicals, PVC is not affected by any corrosion, Cement, Lime, soils and salts.
  • Merits of Maruthi PVC Electrical Conduit assure good insulation & no power loss or conductor heading.
  • PVC merits make fire resistant qualities.
  • Maruthi PVC Electrical Conduit is tough & durable & yet is easy to handle & install right on the site.

Maruthi PVC Electrical Conduit Pipes is very light weight, high strength, long life span, low cost, lower cost of installation & lower transportation cost.